yini's resources!!

attention inactive carrd!!! id like to say that ill be revamping this carrd + try to be more active on here! that's all ;b



= fav!






= mine ^^

please tell me if any of these are yours and ill cred you!

also, please note that even if the codes are mine, they're not originally mine! i just tweaked it to fit my style or wrote it while being inspired by another code!

mouse fx place holder

bg place holder


update log

09/29/21 – more codes and fonts!

09/21/21 – added fonts and a couple of codes! fixing the crd a bit! also added a log!

note log

09/29/21 – awful news.. arin and soobin's contract as mcs ended (oct 1.) will be mourning. anyways, might make a new menu so stay tuned for that

09/21/21 – might change the theme and layout since im starting to hate it ;( pls give suggestions in the cbox..

leave your questions here! please avoid spamming!



hii! im yini or chee ! i use he/they/she pronouns! im a minor, omni, bigender, & asian! enfp & a leo!! im a bit careless so plz tell me if im doing something wrong

im slightly new to carrd but not so new to css & html (new to java tho + i still suck ). my codes and cards aren't the best but im super proud of them and i'd like to share them with u guys ! plz enjoy !!

(i may do commissions soon once i get the hang of this...)

(btw, may look weird on diff devices, i did this on a mac pro so... yeah..)


click the pics below! i'll probably make a drive for all my carrds..

Cute Plant Dancing Kaoani